Meaning-at-Work – from Idea and Vision to the first Steps

The international non-profit organisation “Meaning-at-work” was created because, Dr. Conny Martens from Austria and Dr. Anja Elfrida Hald from Denmark, meet each other at a congress in Moscow in September 2018.

Center for Meaning - Find mening i jobbet

We quickly started talking with each other and right away there was this common chemistry and the feeling that we have always known each other. Just one of those very special meetings you can not explain with words!

We are both passionate about the approach to meaning in life developed by Viktor Frankl, and we especially want to support companies and organizations to develop strategy and motivation by the approach of meaning.

Meaning-at-work” is a new international non-profit platform, and it was launched at a congress in Dallas June 2019, where an interview also was made to Logo Talk Radio.

Center for Meaning - find mening i jobbet

The mission of the platform is to bring “meaning-at-work” to as many people as possible and thereby help employees, leaders and organizations enhance resilience, performance and sustainability through the approach of meaning.

With the platform “Meaning-at-Work” we bring new approaches in finding meaning and to translate the understanding of meaning into modern workplaces.  The platform puts focus on using meaning as an approach in workplaces both at organizational development, management, leadership concepts, training, employee assistance, coaching, counselling and to providing support in existential crises.

Listen to the interview of Dr. Anja Elfrida Hald and hear the story of how they across countries came “from an idea, to a vision and took the first steps”, and also about the upcoming development perspectives.

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