About me

Personal sustainability

I use my mind, my heart and my spiritual intelligence as GPS in my work tasks and everyday life.

Personal sustainability is about being a leader in your own life, and my basic attitude is that we produce our own life, and each of us has a life purpose to live from our personal uniqueness and from that discover meaning and passion.

I believe that we all have a will to meaning, to see our life in a meaningful context, and this meaning can not be given from the outside. It must be discovered from within, and it is true, whether you are a single individual who dreams of greater ownership of your life or you are a leader in a business and want greater clarity on what direction the company should take. Responsibility and direction comes from within.

Sometimes we lose orientation, and it applies to both the individual and a business as a common organism. Losing orientation can happen due to various changes and there can consciously and unconsciously arise fear and anxiety, or sometimes you just go around and have the feeling that something is missing and may become sad and frustrated. Then the only way is to begin to set the internal GPS, so the direction feels right again. And every minute we all have the ability to choose a different path because all paths starts with the thoughts of your mind.

You have to decide to be 100 percent natural sincere in all areas of your life and every day you have to investigate your intentions behind all your actions. It is an on-going work, why personal sustainability is not an end but a constant focus point in the horizon.

Curriculum Vitae – what it has led to

I was born in 1974 and my education and work experience extends broadly both practical, strategic and analytical.

I have an Advanced Diploma of Meaning Centred Therapy (Logotherapy) and Studies, I have a Ph.D. degree in Labour Market Research, a Master of Public Administration (MPA), a bachelor of commerce in marketing, I am a trained sales clerk and I am certified passiontest facilitator.

For a 7-year period, I have worked as a top executives for 250 employees with an annual turnover of 23 million USD. In addition, I have worked as a business developer, project manager, quality coordinator, university researcher, and teacher at a business school. You are welcome to see my CV on LinkedIn.

My starting point is that things can not be separated, which means that I am in the authentic version of myself not able to separate my private life’s CV from my professional CV. The highlights always weave into each other and are prerequisite and basis for each other’s development. In 2011 I went through a tough divorce that seriuosly started my inner journey and spiritual development.  In 2015 I was unexpectedly hit by a harsh shit storm at work and at the same time and the following years I experienced a unique soul meeting – both episodes was the true kickoff to the growth of my spiritual intelligens. I’m also a mother of two wonderful children, and fully understands both the joys and concerns of parenting.

So with a very personal robustness and a large amount of experience, I work with the concept of finding meaning  in life and in work.

I work as Mentor, Advisor and Teacher on how to operationalize meaning in life and in work. I have established Center for Meaning in Denmark and I am Co-founder of the international non-profit organisation www.meaning-at-work.com


Anja is a visionary leader with the finger on the pulse regarding to the new management paradigm. She is sharp, fun, inspiring, innovative, courageous, structuring, efficient, focused and does her work with the brain and heart with a focus on win-win. Susanne Frandsen, Catalyzing Change

Just over 3 years ago, we chose to hire Anja Hald to be chairman in our board. We have a painting company that has been around for 50 years and we have been used to running our business on what we did last year.

However, we had come to the conclusion that something more should happen, something else, something new, but we did not know how. Therefore, the choice fell on Anja Hald. We knew she was a good at company-care.

She came up with many new words and a different viewpoint on how to run a business. When you are a craftsman business, it was to start with a great mouthful but as time has passed, we understand and see how and why it is important to have strategies. Think out of the box if you want. We were introduced to her “wheels” as we like to call it. It is a good way to look at a project, a new idea, to run through all phases and see what it takes to implement these ideas – is it sustainable and can we make it succeed, what does it require of us personally and as a company.

Anja Hald has, in addition the ability to shake up people, bring in a new energy. Something we enjoy great. She calls a spade a spade and you have to relate to it, even if it is hard once in a while.

She contributes a lot, both on the personal level and at the strategic level. She makes you look inward and think. For us she has shaken up old habits, not saying it is a walk in the park, but an eye opener and that was needed. We are incredibly pleased with the cooperation we have with Anja Hald. Vivi Nieland, The Painter company Bent Pedersen A/S

The Passion Test is really relatively simple, but it also requires you to go wholeheartedly into it. “You have to remember to do your mental abdominal bends,” as Anja said to me, but it is actually some sit ups that you really want to take, because they give something from the first day. Anja is also a really good communicator, with whom you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts, which is one of the most important things to be able to to open up completely. Now it’s become a natural part of my everyday life, which I can’t do without at all. Camilla Sjøholm

I am so happy to have taken the passion test, which loving and constructive, has helped me find my present passion and guided me in the direction that is true to me. Fascinating what happens when you promote your consciousness. Anja was incredibly good at sparing the process. She showed professionalism, care and respect for the individual aspect of the process. I have no doubt that the passion test is a tool – a kind of compass that I will use both in my everyday life and my future journey. Signe Schmidt