Courses & lectures

How to find meaning in life and in work

I have established Center for Meaning in Denmark and I am Co-founder of the international non-profit organisation I work with the approach of meaning in following areas:

  • Meaning at Work: Meaning-centered leadership is the ability to find meaning in any situation and use it for responsible actions at both strategic, tactical and operational levels. Meaningful companies are healthy companies who grows meaning oriented work cultures.
  • Meaning in Life: Everyday life, which we all go through with ups and downs – dealing with stress, frustration and crises – getting through them and finding meaning in them and discover new directions.
  • Meaning in Health: How to find meaning when you suffer from illness, including incurable disease and to face death.
  • Meaning at Education: How the approach of meaning can be used both in a pedagogic context and how it can be supportive for greater motivation and prevent drop-out.
  • Meaning in Research and Projects: I participate in different projects. It can be anything from partner participation to coordination and management, and I also do research assignments.

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