I work as Mentor, Advisor and Teacher on how to operationalize meaning in life and in work. I have established Center for Meaning in Denmark and I am Co-founder of the international non-profit organisation

Talks and presentations

From the concept of Meaning I do talks and presentations. It can be in general about the concept or it can be targeted specific themes e.g. meaning in work and leadership, meaning in health and disease, meaning in life with crises and suffering etc.

Leaders, boards and organizations

I offer advice and support to develop and operationalize meaning as growth accelerator in companies and organizations.

Regardless of the specific content, I offer different ways to engage you and your organization – 1:1 session, keynotes, single or series workshops, intensive mentoring or a partnership to integrate the approach of meaning into your development programs and into your work culture.

Research and projects

From the concept of Meaning I participate in different projects. It can be anything from partner participation to coordination and project management and I also do research tasks.


From the concept of Meaning I hold different workshops.


From the concept of Meaning I offer support to discover and develop clarity, balance and direction by 1:1 session to individuals who because of different causes have lost track in life.

I speak both Danish or English fluently, and I also offer some of the services online.